The English language has become a vitality to stand in front of the world. This language consists of innumerable words and is still evolving day by day. Generally, a small portion of English phrases and vocabularies are used while conversing by average speakers. But, to be proficient in English vocabularies need to be updated with new terms, English dictionary app is indispensable. It is a bygone time when people used to keep an English dictionary book. Now, you can check the spelling of any English words anytime anywhere and it can be done with the help of English dictionary apps only. Here are some of the best English dictionary apps to expand the knowledge on English vocabulary as mentioned below: 1. Because of its lucid definitions, this app is superb for those who seriously desire to learn English as a language. Its unique feature lies in its vocabulary building. You can customize this app as per your preference for learning. It also includes the questionnaire where it asks you some questions on English vocabulary on the basis of your past experience on this app. It allows you to earn points so this makes it like a game. 2. Wolfram Words Reference App It is an advanced level dictionary app only for iOS users. It consists of many things more than just definitions. It also allows you to get the definitions of an English word. Its specialty lies in that it also assists the learners on how to use any word during conversations. It shows you the movie clip wherein the specific word was used. It also shows the historical background of the word like where it was first used. It also assists you to play scrabble. By using this app, you can interpret the written words in Braille language. 3. Urban Dictionary In reality, whatever we use in public life does not necessarily have to be placed in the English dictionary. In some cases, people speak their own made-up words, and in this way, they offer a different interpretation to this word while speaking in their vicinity. It is known as slang which can be elaborated by this app. It will tell you in the same manner as you want to pick it up. That’s why it is an excellent app for those who desire to learn the English language in a humorous way. 4. Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus Here the word concise depicts short in length and to the point. If you find difficult to read the definitions, then this app can help you a lot as it contains lucid descriptions. Additionally, there is a tool called as Thesaurus which displays the vocabulary that is synonymous to or antonym of a word you are searching for. You can equip Visual Thesaurus tool in this app that is an interactive feature, allowing you to insert and press on vocabulary to look other close words. 5. Google Translate It is a very lucrative tool to get to know which vocabulary word would be used in a sentence. You can also employ this app to interpret a word or phrase into any language as per your choice. It is also compatible with the voice-to-text recognition. Lucia Mandela is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Has passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at

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