Both Norton antivirus along with Internet security software consists of inbuilt pop up features which warn the users as and when they visit any suspicious or harmful website or download a program which may pose as a security risk to the computer. Even if the website which the computer user is browsing is safe or the program which the user is downloading is safe, the Norton pop-ups will still spear on the computer screen for as long as Norton considers that there is a risk to the computer system. If you find these Norton pop-ups are more annoying than useful, then you can turn them off. Here are the steps to remove Norton Pop-up:-

Step One

Launch Norton in your computer system. Double click on the Norton icon from the system tray of the computer. The Norton icon is usually a dark green or yellow and blue sphere, which is located in the system tray towards the right-hand side of the taskbar placed at the bottom of the system screen. Right-click on the Norton icon. A list of options will appear next to the cursor. Select the Norton Internet Security option. Doing this will open the window of Norton Internet Security.

Step Two

If the Norton Internet Security does not open from the system tray, then open it from the start menu. Click on the Start menu and hover your mouse over “All Programs.” All the programs present in the computer will come up in a list in an alphabetical order. Go to “Norton Internet Security and then click on Norton Internet Security again in order to launch the Norton Internet Security window.

Step Three

Towards the left-hand side of the Norton Internet Security Window, click on Norton AntiSpam in the pane. A list of all available options will get displayed on the screen. Click on the “Status and Settings” options for viewing the AntiSpam settings.

Step Four

Now you will be required to disable “Pop-up Blocking” feature. A green colored tick mark will be present towards the left of the feature, if the feature is enabled. The green checkmark will indicate that it is turned on. To disable this feature, click on Pop-up blocking heading. A small window will pop up on the screen towards the right side of the features. Click on turn Off in the Pop-up Blocking window. The green colored checkmark will change to a yellow colored triangle with an exclamation point icon which will indicate that it is turned off. Doing this will remove the pop-up issue in most versions of Norton.

Step Five

You can now disable Ad Blocking. A few versions of Norton require the users to disable the Ad blocking feature in order to remove the Norton pop-ups. In order to disable this feature, the user has to the Norton Internet Security main screen. Click on status and Settings in the Norton Internet Security window. If there is a green colored checkmark next to Ad blocking then it means that it is enabled. Click on Ad Blocking and a list of options will show up on the screen. Click on Turn Off.

If you are still unable to turn off the Norton pop-ups, call on the Norton support toll-free number and get instant solutions from the Norton support staff.


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